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See All Division 1-A Stadiums

I have a goal.  It’s a pretty big goal and task.  I love college football and the college atmosphere.  So, the goal?  (drum roll please)  I want to watch a college football game at every Division 1-A stadium.  That would include stadiums in the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, MAC, etc.

Here is a PDF map of the schools I found.  You’ll see where I have circled the schools that I have seen a game (blue), where I have seen only the stadium (red), and where I have not been to yet (not circled).

College map of FBS teams

I believe I’ve done pretty good already in my goal, but unless a miracle happens, I know I won’t see all of them.  I’m hoping that my sons, Samuel and Jack, will take up the challenge and continue it.  Their sister, Grace, probably won’t do it.


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