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Hillwood High School–Nashville, TN

Hillwood High School welcome signI went to school at Hillwood High School in Nashville, TN. While I was there, I played basketball from 9th-12th grade. Basically, I’ve played basketball all my life. I even played tennis for two years. I was involved in our Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. My senior year, I was the president of FCA and I was elected as the Male Christian Athlete of the Year for our club. With this honor, I was able to attend the state FCA Christian Athlete of the Year banquet that recognized both male and female students from each school in the state. Here are the pictures of Hillwood and there have been a few changes in the buildings since I graduated in 1992.

HHS letters Hillwood High School front of the building in 1992 The gym View of the center court.  In 1992, the hilltopper man, seen at the beginning of the blog, painted on at the center court.  Now it has changed. The banners.  In 1992, the some banners where there, but there were basketball records there. HHS football stadium


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