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Vanderbilt University-part 2

Posted by Strickland on May 4, 2016

I posted about Vanderbilt in 2012.  I used to live in Nashville, and there were times that I went to a game or two at Vandy.  My family and I cheered for Vandy, and when they played Tennessee, we would pull for Vanderbilt.  When Tennessee didn’t play Vanderbilt, we cheered for Tennessee out of state respect.

Recently, I went to Nashville, and had a few minutes to take some pictures of the stadium, a field house that’s next to the football field, baseball field, and iconic store front that always had mural of the current coaches of some sports at Vanderbilt.


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2009 is around the corner!

Posted by Strickland on May 29, 2009

"Lindy's Southeastern 2009 Preview" magazine Just bought the “Lindy’s Southeastern [Conference College Football] 2009 Preview” magazine last night in the store.  I didn’t see the magazine from “Sporting News” that I always get in a store.  But, I know it’s coming out soon.  Lindy’s can hold me over until then, and until I find something else.

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