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Vanderbilt University

Posted by Strickland on August 23, 2012

Vanderbilt LogoI grew up in Nashville, TN.  If you followed college football while living in Nashville, you read in the newspaper about Vanderbilt University or the University of Tennessee football.  Sure, you would read, or hear on the television, about MTSU or Memphis University.  But, the two main things you read was Vanderbilt and Tennessee.  If you lived in Nashville, and you followed college football, you had to pick one of the two–Vanderbilt or Tennessee–to support.  There are a lot of states that have multiple schools in them that people draw the line in the sand on who they support, whether they are in the same conference or not.  In the SEC, you have these in Alabama (Alabama or Auburn), Mississippi (Ole Miss or Mississippi State), Georgia (Georgia or Georgia Tech), Florida (Florida, Florida State, and Miami), South Carolina (South Carolina or Clemson), Arkansas (there’s not much of an in-state rivalry), LSU (I can’t write about any rivalries in LSU.  I know there’s a big rivarly with Arkansas, with the winner receiving the “Golden Boot.”  But, I don’t know who LSU might have a true rivalry within Louisiana.  Probably is Tulane.), Kentucky (Kentucky or Louisville), and finally Tennessee (Vanderbilt or Tennessee).

So, I supported Vanderbilt.  And Tennessee.  But, mostly Vanderbilt.  I know that’s not right to do, but I did.  Read the rest of this entry »


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