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Auburn University

Posted by Strickland on August 20, 2009

I used to live roughly 40 minutes away from Auburn University, which is in Auburn, AL. I lived in Phenix City, AL, where I was serving as the Minister of Students at the church. Everybody would go to Columbus, GA, to go shopping and eat out since it was literally right next to Phenix City. And, occasionally, you would go to Auburn to go eat. At that time, there wasn’t a lot to do in Auburn, but the years have come and gone, and there is many places to go shopping and eating now than when I was living there.

My first game that I went to at Auburn was against Ball State University in 2001. At that time, Auburn had: Jason Campbell (QB) (currently with Washington Redskins), Cadillac Williams (RB) (currently with Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Ronnie Brown (RB) (currently with Miami Dolphins), Daniel Cobb (backup QB), Damon Duval (K) (finally, currently, with the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes). I can’t remember much about the game, but Auburn won. Final score: 30-0; Rushing stats: Auburn-142 yards; Ball State-60 yards; Passing stats: Auburn-243 yards; Ball State-32.

Auburn’s sports facilities

“Begun in 1939, the stadium seats 85,000. It was named for Ralph “Shug” Jordan and Clifford Leroy Hare. Jordan, a legendary football coach for over two decades at Auburn, retired in 1975 as Auburn’s winningest coach. Hare, who played on Auburn’s first football team in 1892, was dean of the School of Chemistry and state chemist from 1930 until 1948.” (History of the name of stadium)

“Flight of the eagle” (watch how close the eagle comes in the stands) (the flight of the eagle at night. This is better seen of the eagle landing in the center of the field.)

Toomer’s Corner live video


2 Responses to “Auburn University”

  1. Buckeye Scott said

    Listen to me sonny. I’ve apparently been following college football much longer than you, and let me tell you something. Auburn has no football tradition-none. A bird flying around the stadium is not a football tradition, at least not one a real college football fan would endorse. Expand your horizons sonny boy! If you want real tradition and a real college football atmosphere, try attending a game in the most hallowed stadium in CF-“The Horseshoe”. Ohio Stadium offers 20,000 more knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans, plus the greatest tradition in CF-Script Ohio! Get a life! Come over from the dark side and into the light of the way college football was meant to be played.

  2. Buckeye Scott said

    Is this the same Auburn University that almost beat Alabama, the best the SEC has to offer, and almost lost to Northwestern, a very average Big Ten team? Is the same Auburn team that celebrated prematurely not once but twice? In head-to-head match ups Penn State stuck LSU’s nose in the mud. The big boys in the Big Ten, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, took care of business. Let’s see if the big boys in the SEC can do the same.

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