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Tennessee Titans

Posted by Strickland on November 14, 2008

This game between the Tennessee Titans and the New York Giants was my first NFL game ever, and at the time of writing this post the only one ever. It was on November 26, 2006. Growing up in Nashville, TN, the Titans put a spark into the city. I still can’t believe that they have a NFL team, and pretty much a good team each year. But, the game I went to was a great game.

I went to the game with some realitives. They have season tickets. The tickets at the time were in the endzone that the missed sack took place (see the video below).

That play was funny, strange, and frustrating play (it all depends on who your team was/is, right?). The atmosphere was fantastic, and I really expected differently. I expected that I would be bored because it was a pro game. I expected that the atmosphere would dull. I expected that my seats would be too far from the action. And, the list can go on. But, all of those complaints were completely wrong. The game, atmosphere, and seats were great. Read the rest of this entry »


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