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University of Alabama

Posted by Strickland on May 26, 2008

October. Third Saturday. “Third Saturday in October.” Alabama. Tennessee. Crimson. Orange. Elephant. “Coonhound.” “Rocky Top.” Paul “Bear” Bryant. The history, tradition, rivalry, and even hatred with these teams toward each other is intense.

Each year, these teams play on the “Third Saturday in October”, although at times it’s not on the third Saturday. Regardless, it’s labeled as the “Third Saturday.” This game, on Saturday, October 25, 2003, was still your typical Tennessee versus Alabama football game. I lived in Jonesboro, AR, at the time, and I had the opportunity to go to this game. It was my first Tennessee/Alabama football game. And, being a Tennessee fan, I was excited about watching this rivalry at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL. The campus was beautiful and was “deep south” environment. Very beautiful. I had the opportunity to go into the Paul W. Bryant Museum where I saw, and heard, so many stories about the Alabama football teams over the years. Pretty neat place.

It was a great game. I was sitting in the Tennessee fan section, so no need to worry about Alabama fans doing stuff to me and my guest. And, I could cheer freely. The game went into 5 overtimes before Tennessee pulled off the win: 51-43. The year before, Tennessee beat Arkansas in Tennessee in six overtimes. Both teams close to 500 yards of offense–Tennessee-492 yards; Alabama-473 yards. Casey Clausen eventually snuck in the endzone to score a touchdown, but the trick was going for the extra point which was 2-point conversion. Each touchdown you wonder if the other team was going to score. After the touchdown, you wondered if the kicker was going to slip and fall before kicking the extra point or get it blocked. But, after the two overtimes, both teams must then go for a 2-point conversion. The whole process began again–wondering if your team would score a touchdown, and then wonder if there was going to be a fumble or a receiver drop the ball in the endzone. Each overtime score was so stressful and intense. The game went long into the night, which meant I got home in the early hours. But, it was well worth it. My team won, I saw a rivalry game, and I saw a excellent game between two great teams.


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