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University of Tennessee

Posted by Strickland on September 1, 2007

Tennessee vs. Kentucky-1996 Growing up in Nashville, TN, my family supported Vanderbilt University. And, we supported the University of Tennessee. Now, supporting both is like oil and water…they don’t mix! But, we lived in Nashville, which is where Vanderbilt is, and we could always go and watch a football game if we wanted. It was always easy because Vanderbilt was not always the best. So, we supported Tennessee because they were always a decent team normally. And, when Vanderbilt played Tennessee, we would cheer for Vanderbilt.

So, my now brother-in-law came into the family tree scene. He liked, and supported, Tennessee. His brothers liked and supported Tennessee. His father doesn’t; he supports Vanderbilt. Anyway, he comes on the scene, and we just end up following Tennessee. So, I’m a Tennessee fan. I love the atmosphere, the team, the stadium, and the city. So, Doug [my brother-in-law], thanks for letting me see the true light in supporting Tennessee!

The stadium at Tennessee is huge. It always plays in competition on who’s #1 in stadium capacity–Michigan or Tennessee stadium. The crowds go crazy! The pregame is awesome with the band coming down the street into the stadium playing “Rocky Top.”

Hearing John Ward say, “It’s football time in Tennessee!” is classic. And, to hear it over the PA in the stadium is classic as well. I know each stadium and team has it’s tradition and well-known players, but it’s just a great atmosphere. The crisp fall weather, the fall colors on the trees, the “Volunteer Navy” that tailgates on the Tennessee River, the close to 110,000 fans cheering inside the stadium as they watch the game, the huge Neyland Stadium, the pre-game festivities, the “Pride of the Southland Band” playing and marching on the streets as they enter the stadium, the team running through the “T” that’s formed by the band on the field, hearing “Rocky Top” so many times, seeing so much orange, watching many previous and current volunteers–Peyton Manning, Peerless Price, Reggie White, Robert Meachem, Travis Henry, Leonard Little, Jamel Lewis, and many more.

If you ever could see a game in Knoxville, TN, it will be something you won’t forget it.


2 Responses to “University of Tennessee”

  1. staceyj said

    What kind of fan creates a College football blog with only one post (Sept 1) during the season? You got to think that this guy is not real serious about his College football. He probably is a Tennessee fan!

  2. Scott said

    Well, the Phil Fulmer era is about to end. I suppose by Tennessee standards it was a good era. I mean he did recruit one good quarterback in 17 years despite his scandalous recruiting methods, and he won a couple SEC titles. While the list of coaches who have done more in less time is to great to list here, I’m sure the Tennessee faithful will remember him with fondness. The question now is not, “Is this the right time for Fulmer to step down?” His time past long ago. The question now is, “Who will replace him?” I would do it, but I can’t stand that prison jumpsuit orange the team and fans wear, no matter how appropriate it may be. Allow me one parting suggestion for the coach, take your 6 million dollar buyout and buy a treadmill.

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