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University of Kentucky

Posted by Strickland on June 5, 2007

Kentucky vs. Tennessee–1995 I am from Nashville, TN, my wife is from Somerset, KY. We met in college in Bowling Green, KY. My wife likes University of Kentucky (UK). I grew up liking Vanderbilt University because I was from Nashville and we could get tickets to any football game very easily. We did like University of Tennessee because they were a part of our state, Tennessee. But, when Vanderbilt and Tennessee played against each other, we cheered for Vanderbilt. But then my brother-in-law came into the family! We, especially me, now cheer for Tennessee. Vanderbilt always finds a way to lose. So, we cheer for Tennessee.

So, when I met my wife in college, I was a Tennessee fan in the state of Kentucky. My wife and I always went to the UK vs UT football game. It didn’t matter where the game was–Knoxville, TN, or Lexington, KY. Either site we were close enough to go back to her parents house to spend the night in Somerset, KY. Knoxville is about an hour and fifeteen minutes away, and Lexington is about the same. It was a no brainer. Now, we live a little bit closer to both schools now, as I have accepted a position in London, KY, off of I-75. And, the game was always played in November close to my birthday, so it was really my birthday gift.

So we go to the game. My wife hated going. She was bored all the time. In fact, she would take a crossword puzzle, a magazine, or even her college homework. I love how she wanted to be with me and go to a place that I love, but taking your homework?! Gee whiz! We were there when we saw the two big quarterbacks playing against each other–Payton Manning (UT) and Tim Couch (UK). There was one year I thought that Tim and the Cats were going to pull off the victory.

Here are some other tickets and pictures of our trips to the University of Kentucky.

Kentucky vs. Tennessee–1995More pictures later!


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