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Mississippi State Bulldogs

Posted by Strickland on May 30, 2007

Mississippi State stadium My wife and I, with our two kids, went on vacation in 2006 to Orange Beach, AL. On our way home from Alabama, to Jonesboro, AR, we went a different way home to see Mississippi State University. So, we drove on Highway 45 to Starkville, MS. We drove, and drove, and drove! Finally, we made it to Starkville, MS, checked into a hotel near the university, ate at Applebee’s, and then went back to the hotel. It was a long, slow, boring drive. But, we made it.

The next morning, I woke up and drove to the university. Took a few pictures and walked around the stadium. Mississippi State fans are known for bringing and ringing a cow bell at the games. They also have a live bulldog for their mascot. There have been many bulldogs as the mascot in the past. As with each university with it’s mascot, they hold their bulldogs as treasures. [For more information about the cow bell and previous bulldogs mascots, please see the Mississippi State website.] Then, I went back to pick up the family to get back home. Before going home to Jonesboro, AR, we continued on Highway 45 to Highway 8 where we ended up in Oxford, MS. I didn’t watch a live game at Mississippi State, but at least I did see the stadium.

Bulldog house davis-wade-stadium-letters-1a.jpg davis-wade-stadium-letters-2b.jpg davis-wade-stadium-ramps-1a.jpgmississippi-state-letters-3c.jpg mississippi-state-letters-5e.jpg watertower-1a.jpg scott-field-1a.jpg scott-field-2b.jpg scott-field-3c.jpg


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