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Arkansas State University Indians/Red Wolves

Posted by Strickland on March 21, 2007

ASU logo on the back of the pressbox (Note: ASU has now changed their mascot name to “Red Wolves” beginning in 2008.) I lived in Jonesboro, AR, for 3 years as I was a Student Minister at a church. Arkansas State University Indians make Jonesboro, AR, home. It is about 1 1/2 hours from Memphis, TN. ASU was dominent in Division 1-AA several years ago. There have been many players and coaches that have gone to play and be active in the NFL–Larry Lacewell [“Carthon, who is from Osceola, played for Lacewell at Arkansas State from 1979-82, went on to play for the New York Giants and two Super Bowl appearances. Marion, Ark., native Brown was an Indian under Lacewell’s tutelage from 1983-85 and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. He went on to a stellar career with the Redskins before moving on to San Francisco. He joined the Lions in 2002.”]; Bill Curry-coach; Ray Brown-8th rd., St. Louis; Jerry Muckensturm, Chicago Bears. [There are many more that I’m trying to find. Here is the list from the NFL.] There have been former Olympians–Earl Bell (Olympic bronze medal winner in pole vaulting), Jeff Hartwig (record holding in pole vaulter), Thomas Hill (silver medal in 110-hurdles), and Al Joyner (triple jump gold medalist). For this, and more information, look at Wikipedia.

I have gone to many games at ASU, but the game that is nice to write about is the game against Memphis Tigers. After reading my blog about the ASU vs. Memphis game in Memphis, TN, you should know that the people in Jonesboro, AR, would’ve come out of the woodworks for this opponent. And they did. The crowd at the game was the largest crowd in ASU football history–30,427 [this is the only picture I could find on how big the crowd was at the stadium. It also describes their facilities.] I went to the game. It was jammed packed! It was a good game. The #25 ranked Memphis Tigers pulled it off and beat ASU 47-35 (follow the links to read the Memphis recap article, box score, and game notes). Memphis had DeAngelo Williams as their running back. They had a lot of Heisman hype for him. He was nominated for a lot of awards. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 2006 NFL draft. They finished the regular season 8-3 and lost to Bowling Green in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, AL.

ASU stadium from a distance ASU stadium from a distance Looking at the back of the ASU pressbox Banners Pressbox Looking at the new field turf, locker rooms, and the athletic office complex Locker rooms and athletic offices Looking at the visitor stands Zoomed in view of the pressbox from the home side of the stands


One Response to “Arkansas State University Indians/Red Wolves”

  1. Chad said

    I just wanted to say that I got my AB from ASU and my BS from Memphis and it is most definitely a 45 minute drive. I’ve made that drive over 100 times… 65 miles going 70-75 miles per hour… yeah

    it might take a 1.5 hours to drive from Ridge Point Country Club to the end of the Bill Morris Parkway… MAYBE…

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