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Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mustangs–Gerald J. Ford Stadium

Posted by Strickland on February 14, 2007

SMU entrance As you know, after looking at other posts, I didn’t get to watch a game at SMU, but I did get to walk around the campus and look at their facilities [if you want to know more, look at the posts under TCU and SMU].

While I was walking around the stadium and taking pictures at SMU, I was welcomed by some charter buses.  There was a team unloading and I believe the team was Praire View A & M.  They were going to practice and get ready for their game at the Cotton Bowl against Grambling.  But, I can’t 100% remember what team it was because I’m writing this several months from the event.  So, while the team was unloading their buses, the gates were open.  So, I went into the stadium and I began taking pictures.  I didn’t know really anything about SMU, but when I was walking around the stadium from the outside, the stadium used to be named Ownby Stadium until it’s new name of Gerald J. Ford Stadium.

Owenby Stadium plaque Gerald J. Ford plaque SMU field SMU field and endzone SMU guest stands SMU home stands & pressbox SMU pressbox SMU scoreboard from a distance SMU scoreboard up close SMU scoreboard up close SMU home side of the stadium with the pressbox above.  The charter buses, that I mentioned earlier, can be seen. Gerald J. Ford Stadium Looking from the outside into Gate 4 into the stadium Gerald J. Ford Stadium looking from the Doak Walker Plaza


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