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Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mustangs–Moody Coliseum

Posted by Strickland on February 12, 2007

SMU Mustangs.  This close-up of the mustang statues is in front of Moody Coliseum. When I was fired from my job in August, my wife and I had to get away from Arkansas.  So, we had some friends that lived in Dallas, TX, and they invited us to come stay with them.  So, we loaded up the car and the family headed to Texas.

After getting to Texas, I went to go watch Texas Christian University (TCU) play Brigham Young University (BYU) in Fort Worth, which wasn’t to bad of a distance for us.  The next day, my friend had to go to work, so my wife and kids stayed at the house with our hostess and I went to go look at the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU).  I didn’t get to see a game at  the stadium, but I did get to see the stadium.  [I’m not sure how the rules go with this situation.]  This is what I saw–

 SMU Moody Coliseum main entrance with Mustangs Moody Coliseum

This arena is used primarily used for basketball and volleyball.  It was opened in 1956.  When I walking through the coliseum, you could just feel the history that had taken place for many years.  This coliseum used to be called SMU Coliseum until the name was changed in 1965.  There were chairback seats in places where you could only see half the court.

SMU basketball court smu-basketball-2.jpg smu-basketball-4.jpg smu-basketball-6.jpg A look at the chairback seats Chairback seats–notice the seats up at the top in the dark


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