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Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mustangs–Doak Walker Award and Plaza

Posted by Strickland on February 12, 2007

Doak Walker statue My goal is to watch a college football game at all Division 1-A stadiums but this time I didn’t get to watch a game.  But, I saw the stadium.  My wife and I went to Dallas, TX, to see and stay with some friends.  So, while my friend was at work, my wife and kids stayed at home with the hostess and I went to go look at the facilities at SMU.

I’ve heard the Doak Walker Award before, but I never did know where it came from and it’s purpose.  Well, I found it, but don’t think I knew it was at SMU.  According to the Doak Walker website, “the prestigious Doak Walker Award was created in 1989 to recognize the nation’s premier running back for his accomplishments on the field, achievement in the classroom and citizenship in the community. It is the only major collegiate football award that requires all candidates to be in good academic standing and on schedule to graduate within one year of other students of the same classification.”  SMU is proud of being associated with Doak Walker and the pretigious award.  They made the Doak Walker Plaza outside their football stadium, Gerald J. Ford Stadium [more about the stadium in a later post].  Here are the pictures from the Doak Walker Plaza.

Doak Walker statue at the Doak Walker Plaza The plaque on the Doak Walker statue A close up of the plaque that is on the Doak Walker statue.  This is the left side of the plaque. The plaque on the Doak Walker statue.  This is the right side of the plaque.


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