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Texas Christian Univ. Horned Frogs vs. Brigham Young Univ. Cougars

Posted by Strickland on February 10, 2007

Texas Christian Univ.–17 vs. Brigham Young Univ.–31
Fort Worth, TX–Amon G. Carter Stadium
Date of Game: September 28, 2006

Amon G. Carter Stadium The battle of the frogs and cougars.  The battle of two religious schools–Disciple of Christ and Mormons.  When I went to this game, I had just gotten fired from my job in Jonesboro, AR.  My family and I just had to get out of town.  So, we had some friends that lived outside of Dallas and we headed down there to spend a few days with them.  Our friends knew about my college football stadium goal, so the men went to a Thursday night game at TCU to check off a stadium while the wives and kids stayed at home.

We got to the game very late because of traffic, plus it didn’t help that the game started at 5:00 pm CST.  We got there in the third quarter.  But, we got there and it’s a nice stadium!  TCU hosts the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. 

“Formerly the Fort Worth Bowl, the newly renamed Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl is entering is fourth year in existence. Current contracts with Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference run through 2009. The BHAFB is working on an agreement for the years 2007 and 2009 in which we hope to be able to select a PAC 10 school in lieu of a CUSA team.
2003: TCU 31 v. Boise St. 34
2004: Cincinnati 32 v. Marshall 14
2005: Houston 13 v Kansas 42
2006:  Tulsa 13 v Utah 25
[taken from the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl website]

We sat on the guest side of the stadium, which was in the sun.  TCU was ranked 17th in the nation and had the longest winning streak in Division 1A at 13.  TCU came into the game at 3-0 [victories over Baylor, UC Davis, and Texas Tech] and BYU came into the game at 2-2 [wins against Tulsa and Utah State with losses against Arizona and Boston College].  This was their first Mountain West Conference (MWC) game.  But, at the end of the game, TCU did not get to tie their school winning streak of 14 games and saw their seven game winning streak end.  [Follow these TCU links to see their final game stats, their postgame notes, and read their recap of the game.  All of these are coming from the TCU football website.]  BYU won it’s first road victory over a ranked opponent since 1997.  [Follow the BYU links to see their recap of the game from the BYU’s football website.] 

The stadium, and facilities, looked very nice.  The game was a good game.  Technically, our tickets were in the guest team area, so were around some BYU fans.  TCU was always playing “catch up” with BYU.  In fact, they had a chance to be close but a costly turnover resulted in a BYU touchdown.  It was good to see both mascots roaming within the crowds in the stands.

TCU had a good year finishing 10-2 [they lost to BYU and Utah] in regular season play and beat Northern Illinois in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.  They also finished the year ranked #22 in the AP and #21 in the USA Today polls.  BYU finished the regular season as well 10-2 [they lost to Arizona and Boston College] and beat Oregon in the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl.  They finished the year ranked #16 in the AP, #15 in the USA Today, and #20 in the BCS polls.   Although both teams finished 11-2, BYU finished first in the Mountain West Conference with an undefeated record of 8-0 while TCU finished second with a 6-2 record.

Looking at the home stands during the game TCU mascot named SuperFrog

Stay tuned to see my pictures from the game.


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