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More Memphis Tigers vs. Arkansas State Indians Pictures

Posted by Strickland on February 3, 2007

Here are some more pictures of the game I went to at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN.  Enjoy!

Liberty Bowl–

Liberty Bowl from a distance Liberty Bowl from a distance Liberty Bowl looking underneath it Pressbox on the home side of the field Pressbox on the visitor side (this is where I sat to get us out of the sun)

The City of Memphis–

From the Liberty Bowl, the Mid-South Coliseum Memphis skyline from the Liberty Bowl 

Tiger Tom 2 & Helmet Car–

Tiger Tom 2 picture Tiger Tom 2 picture Tiger Tom 2 waiting for the game to end Memphis Tiger helmet car

My wife, Melissa, my daughter, Grace, and son, Samuel–

Melissa with Samuel Grace and Samuel in the parking lot Grace playing in the stands Me and Samuel at our first game together

The game:  Memphis Tigers vs. Arkansas State Indians–

Scoreboard Final score on the scoreboard Football game Lining up for the last play of the game Last play of the game ASU players celebrating


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